Certified Plumbers, Hot Water Specialists

Remarkable Plumbing offers a variety of hot water and gas services, using Australian products.

Australian Gas and Hot Water Systems


Every house needs a healthy hot water system. But the kind of system doesn’t fit every house.

Choosing the right system for your family can be difficult.

There are so many choices on the market: we make it simple for you by only providing the industry-best brands.

When choosing the right hot water system, we will help you:

·         The best type of energy to use (gas, solar or electric)

·         The size to suit your family’s needs

·         The features you will need (warranty, controls etc.)

With the environment and your budget in mind, we will help you choose the best hot water system to suit you.


Gas, Electric, Solar and Heat Pumps

We can help you with hot installations, repairs and maintenance for

·         gas hot water systems

·         electric hot water systems

·         solar hot water systems

·         heat pump hot water systems

Say goodbye to low pressure and cold showers!